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Student Organizations

The Student Council of the College of Dentistry represents the student body in areas of concern and importance to students and the College. The Executive Committee is composed of five Executive Officers, two HU Student Association Representatives, three Graduate Student Assembly Representatives, and one elected Representative from each class. The Council supports and promotes activities that aim to enhance the academic, professional, and social welfare of the student body. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Director of Student Activities & Programs serve as the advisors to Student Council.  Mr. and Miss HU College of Dentistry are 4th year dental students of outstanding character and academic standards who serve as the office hosts for all College of Dentistry's events and guests.

Student Organizations: Classes

HUCD Student Council Executive Board

2022 Orientation Lead Ambassadors

Miss HUCD- Alyssa Elezye (D4)
Mr. HUCD- Terence Bolden (D4)


Student National Dental Association

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