Frequently Asked Questions

I need to speak with someone. Whom Should I call?

Prior to contacting the College of Dentistry, please review the information on our website about the admissions process to prepare your questions in advance. We may be reached at (202) 806-0337. If you are unable to reach us at once by telephone, you can email us at

Do you allow visits?

Visits to the Office of Admissions should be through appointment. Our Director of Admissions will be happy to correspond with potential students to answer questions/concerns NOT addressed in our literature or website. Based on current recommendations for the College of Dentistry, on-campus tours will be suspended until further notice. In addition to on-campus events, Admissions will not participate in off-campus events including school visits, college fairs, and other non-essential travel. Our office will be unable to accept walk-in visitors until further notice.

This suspension of activities is in place until further notice. Where possible, alternate programming via media formats is being planned. Check back here for details.

The interviews for the 2021-22 cycle will be conducted remotely.


Do you accept AADSAS fee waivers?

No, we do not accept fee waivers for the $75 application fee.

How long will it be until I hear if I will get an interview?

We will be reviewing applications from August to mid-January. If you are chosen for an interview, you will receive an email invitation no later than 30 days after we have received a completed application packet. Final interview requests will be sent on January 7th.

Should I send transcripts?

No. Please do not send transcripts or any other unsolicited information. If more information is required, we will request it.

What about letters of Recommendation?

The College of Dentistry requires a minimum of three (3) letters of recommendation which should include at least two letters from science professors who taught you and gave you a grade and one from a dental professional with whom you are employed or have shadowed. All letters of recommendation must be on letterhead and bear the recommender’s signature. You may submit up to four (4) letters of recommendation.

Committee letters from your pre-professional committee are accepted. In the case where there is a Committee letter, the applicant should also include a letter from a dental professional with whom you are employed or have shadowed. All letters of recommendation should be included with the submission of your application directly to AADSAS. Do not send information directly to the Office of Admissions as this will delay the review of your application. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to verify letters of recommendation

Application Processing Fee: Upon receipt of your application from AADSAS, you will receive a link via email to send the application processing fee of $75. We do not accept fee waivers.

Shadowing Requirement: We highly recommend at least 60 hours of shadowing or significant work hours in a dental office. *Please note: the College of Dentistry is unable to provide applicants with shadowing opportunities.


Deferrals: A delay of admission is granted for one year only. Applicants requesting a delay must do so in writing. Deferred applicants must keep the same standards that the offer of admission was based on between acceptance and enrollment. The Admissions Committee may require a follow-up interview.

Transfer: Transfers are seldom granted and evaluated on the merits of each individual request.

Financial Aid: The D1 Scholarship is awarded to a select number of first-year entering students who have demonstrated academic excellence in their course of study. The scholarship may be full or partial tuition. 

International Students: For accepted international students ONLY, proof of financial resources must be sent no later than July 15th.


Reginald O. Salter, D.D.S., M.B.A., Ph.D.

Director of Admissions, Student Activities, & Programs

600 W Street, NW

Washington DC 20059

(202) 806-0235