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Activating a Student Organization at HUCD
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HUCD Student Ambassadors with D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser

Recognition of a new or reactivating a formerly established organization at the College of Dentistry is a result of recommendations by the Executive Committee of the Dental Student Council and the approval of the Director for Student Activities and Associate Dean of Student Affairs.

Organizations of a religious nature require the recommendation of the Dean of the Chapel.

Recognition in no way implies University endorsement or sponsorship of such events or activities.


The recognition simply acknowledges the existence of an organization composed of at least ten (10) Howard University College of Dentistry students, consistent with the objectives and philosophy of the University and meets an expressed need of the students.

Your organization will not be recognized until all portions of the application are submitted to Student Activities, presented during a monthly scheduled Student Congress meeting,  and receive final approval from Student Activities.

Student Activities will accept completed petitions for recognition packets in the Fall semester only, beginning September 1st and ending December 1st. Documents must be submitted 2 weeks prior to a regularly scheduled Student Congress meeting to appear on the agenda. 



Before you begin...

Review the HUCD list of organizations and HU Engage to see if there is an existing organization that is similar to the one you want to create.  New organizations will not be accepted if an organization exists to meet the need of the petitioning students or if the longevity of the proposed organization is not evident.


The petition for recognition packet should include the following:

  • A Petition Form with a minimum of 10 signatures from Howard University College of Dentistry students who will join the organization

  • A letter of support (Where Associated) from a Department/National organization (including National/Regional constitution)

  • A letter of intent detailing the purpose of the organization, a plan of action to sustain longevity

  • A student organization Advisor Agreement Form from Faculty who will commit to advising.

  • Copy of the Constitution and By-laws

Each recognition packet and constitution submitted is stamped and logged into the Office of Student Activities.

Once submitted and logged, the constitution is reviewed by the Judiciary Board to ensure that all necessary documents are included in the packet. The constitution is reviewed for consistency and compliance with the universities policies or guidelines and if applicable, the guidelines of the national or regional organization.

The constitution is then forwarded to the following for review and approval:

  • HUCD Executive Committee

  • For religious organizations only: Dean of the Chapel

  • Director of Student Activities

  • Associate Dean for Student Affairs


Only recognized student organizations may:

  • be granted permission to sponsor events and activities on campus and to make use of University facilities for this purpose. 

  • use the Howard University nomenclature as a part of their organization name and/or in representing themselves as associated with the University.

The Office of Student Activities and Programs has the responsibility to ensure that the constitution is reviewed by all parties involved and that the constitution meets the guidelines of the university.


Constitution Review Process 

All constitutions are reviewed by the HUCD Judiciary Board to ensure:

  1. All necessary essential components are included.

  2. Consistency and compliance with University policies or guidelines.

  3. Compliance with the guidelines of the national or regional organization (if applicable).

  4. There are no grammatical or spelling errors.

Upon completion of the review process for the constitution, the organization representative is responsible for revising and resubmitting the constitution to the Office of Student Activities.

Once all revisions are completed and the constitution satisfies the requirements of the University, the petition packet is forwarded to Student Congress for consideration.





All student organizations are required to have at least one on-campus advisor. On-campus advisors must be current members of Howard University’s faculty or staff who agree to mentor student organizations on their purpose and operation throughout the school year. They serve as a liaison between the university and the organization interpreting university policy and procedures. They are also an integral part of ensuring the organization's success and longevity on Howard University’s campus.

The Advisor's major responsibilities are as follows:

  • To assist the organization in finding optimal ways of implementing its programs.

  • To serve as a role model and mentor to the organization and its individual members.

  • To keep the organization abreast of university policy and to assist in ensuring that the organization is in compliance with all university policies.

  • To periodically meet with the organization to stay informed of its activities.

  • To verify that the leadership and membership of the organization are enrolled students in good academic standing.

  • To stay for the duration of functions sponsored by the organization and to identify/provide a suitable replacement from the University, if unable to attend or stay for the duration.

  • To represent the organization when required by the University or overall best interest.

  • To be kept abreast of all paperwork, transactions, and financial obligations concerning the organization and sign/approve (as necessary).


Qualities of a Good Advisor

  1. She/he adheres to the responsibilities above

  2. She/he encourages members to implement their ideas

  3. She/he strongly encourages academic achievement

  4. She/he advises/leads the group without taking over or being in charge

  5. She/he holds himself/herself as well as members accountable for the organization's successes and failures.


How can we help?

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