Clinical Attire

Students are required to wear approved scrub brands and colors.  Below is the link for approved scrubs.  All Class levels, please refer to your student policy manual regarding proper attire. 

Proper Embroidery (Formal Scrub Top):

                                 Left Chest- School's Logo

                                 Right Chest- Block U/L White (First Name Last Name)

Proper Embroidery (Daily Scrub Top)

                                Left Chest- Block U/L White (First Name  Last Name)

Approved:  Class of 2023- Navy; Class of 2024-Royal; Class of 2025- Ceil; Class of 2026-Navy, Repeat...


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Students may purchase 2 Brands of white coats:

A. Formal Coats are reserved for Convocation and School Programs.


B. Daily Coats are worn to class and on rotations.


Students' White Coats should be hip length.

 You may purchase HUCD logo embroidery patch below.

Daily Coat Embroidery:

                Left Chest- Script U/L navy blue

                                    First and Last name

Formal Coat Embroidery Information:

                Left Chest- Script U/L navy blue

                                   First and Last name

                Right Chest- HUCD Logo

               Left Arm- Script U/L navy blue

                               Howard University

                                Dental College

HUCD Embroidered Logo

Howard University | College of Dentistry
The Office of Student Affairs