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Housing Options

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Recommended Housing

*Below is a list of apartment options where many of our students reside.  Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding a property. We will assist you in connecting with a current HUCD student peer mentor to answer questions you may have. 

3 Bedroom 1 ½ bath Rowhouse. 1 Bedroom available 

152 Bryant St. NW Washington DC

4 Blocks from HUCD

Contact Dental Student at 240-994-3753 (Female applicant only)

 Vie Towers

Address: 6515 Belcrest Road, Hyattsville MD 20782

Cost/Floor Plan:      


Standard $999

Large $1,049


Standard: $1,199


Fully Furnished 

Full sized Appliances (Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer ect.)

Shuttle Service To and From Howard University

On-Site Maintenance 

Free Internet 

Garage Parking (Please call for fees)

On-Site 24 Hour Security Service 


24 Hour Fitness Gym 

Rooftop Lounge 

Walking Distance to Safeway, Giant, Prince George Plaza Metro Station, & Prince George Plaza Mall. 

30 Minute Commute to Howard University Via Metro or Shuttle Service

Contact: Phone: (301) 637-5552 Website:

Park Place at Petworth Metro

Address: 850 Quincy ST NW Washington DC 20011

Cost: 1bd range from $1880-2400

2bd range from $2600-$400

3bd range from $4100-7400

- 7 min drive from school, 30 minute walk 

- Located right on top of a green and yellow metro line - Georgia ave petworth 

- Safeway grocery store is within walking distance as well as other store fronts 

- Wonderful rooftop space and concierge services 

- For this property I suggest Living with a roommate to save money. 

- Great gym with a lot of equipment. 

- A business area where you can print off documents 

- Uber’s to school cost around $3-6 depending on the time 

- The walls are not thin so you don’t have to worry about noise from neighbors 

- Metro rides usually cost $2-3 depending on time 

- They have affordable dwelling units (ADU) available. All you have to do is when you go   to the apartment and ask for a tour 


- Due to the location being right off of Georgia Avenue, the street is very busy and the noise can be distracting (you do get used to it after a while) 

- They do not have a study area. (I studied at school most of my first year and sometimes at my desk in my apartment )

- They charge $200/month to park your car in the garage and there’s not really street parking 

The Modern at Artplace

Address: 400 Galloway St NE Washington DC 20011


Studio: $1679         1bd: $1800-$1900         2bd: $2300-2700


- This place has a ton of amenities. From a rooftop with a pool, to a gym with workout rooms and multiple study areas

- It is 5 min walk from the Fort Totten metro station which has the red, green and yellow line 

- A lot of Howard students live so you can always carpool with your classmates if you don’t have a car or want to save on gas 

- Walmart is a 5 min walk 

- The walls are not thin so you don’t have to worry about noise from neighbors 

- Metro rides typically cost about $3-4 depending on times. 

- It is a very peaceful neighborhood 


- it’s a 10-15 minute drive from school and if it’s  rush hour it’ll be about 30 mins

- if you don’t have a car, using Uber/lyft will cost you about $7-11 back and forth per day which could end up being very costly.

- Parking your car in the garage cost $180/month and there’s not a lot of parking around the building. 

- There are not a lot of stores in the area so you have drive/take public transportation

Woodner Apartment

3636 16th Street NW Washington DC 20010


First Year $1199

           Increase $50 next year

           Internet: around $50-60

Pros: Very big complex so easy to find accommodation in timely manner. 

    Usually no wait.

          Parking garage available starting $140/month

Cons: Some hallway carpets needs to be changed.

Smoking is prohibited in hallways but allowed inside your apartment so depending on who lives next to you is important regarding odor.

Aventine Fort Totten

5210 3rd St NE Washington, DC 20011

Cost: $1600-1900 (1 bedroom); $1800-2600 (2 bedroom)--prices vary based on the season. studios, 1 bd, 1bd w/ dens, and 2 bd offered. 

Phone: (202) 269-1120


- Right next door to the Fort Totten metro (less than a minute walk)

- Free parking (very hard to find in DC)

- Walmart is 2 blocks away

- 10-15 minute from HUCD

- Amenities (gym, pool, grill, study areas, etc.) 

- Very friendly office staff + maintenance

- Amazon Hub in lobby

- In unit W/D

- Pet friendly


- One elevator 

3350 at Alterra

3350 Toledo Terrace

Hyattsville, MD 20782

Phone: (301) 804-4444

Cost: studios ($1492+), 1bd ($1600+), 2bd ($2000-2300), 3bd apartments ($2300+).


- Walking distance to the PG Plaza metro

- Parking (but there's a fee)

- In unit W/D

- Pet friendly

- Amenities (gym, pool, grill, study areas, etc.) 

- There's a mall next door, Giant, plenty of restaurants, etc. 


- Unfriendly staff

- Unorganized at times

University sponsored housing

For affordable living options-income based, see below:

 Montgomery County Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit (MPDU) Program.

 DC Affordable Dwelling Unit (ADU).

Proof of income is required for both programs. If a student doesn’t have income, they can have a sponsor (parents, grandparent, or guardian) to submit income. Most properties will do a credit check. Use the list as a guide to identify the properties. Once a property has been identified, potential tenant should physically go to the property and speak to someone about income-based housing and make it an urgent need. 

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